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Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Stone Deft, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Stone Deft Guest

    Stone Deft
    Hi guys how can you smoothen the edges of a standard box primitve . I tried smoth, turbo smooth and mesh smooth but it smoothen the rest of the box I'm aiming only for the corners. Also I found a solution by drawing a rectangle with a corner of 3 pts and applying an extrude modifier but I have problems with the result as I still need to add a bend modifier and bend modifiers depends on the edges of the object and the extrude modifier failed to generate enough edges.

    tnx for the help
  2. Lu! :D Guest

    Lu! :D
    read my question..
    i've upload it three places. still doesnt work. :/
  3. Boomerang Guest

    One simple way is to use the ChamberBox extended primitive instead of a box, and have as many fillet segments as you want.
    Another way is to do it yourself:
    Create the box with several segments in each dimension (e.g. 5 segments in each dimension), convert it to editable poly, and move the segments so that they're near the edges.
    then select the 8 corners and scale them (object-centric) down so they're a bit 'inside' the cube, then select the 12 outer edges and scale them down a bit.

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