A Little Known Law That Favors Consumers

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    A Little Known Law That Favors Consumers

    I wrote a report explaining a law that is being used more and more by the feds and state cops when it comes to protecting consumers against shady merchants.

    It empowers you and me, the consumer, to exercise our rights so we can get remedy if we get screwed. Your State has its own version and that's where you would start getting your remedy.

    I don?t know this for sure but I would bet more and more Internet merchants will clean up their act once this law is brought to bear against some of the world wide web rip off artists.

    I also included a bonus in the report. I describe 2 ways people are using to raise their credit scores. Both are legitimate and are being done by the credit industry themselves but, at the same time, are being discredited by the credit industry.

    You read that right. The industry is speaking out of both sides of its mouth and, as usual, getting away with it. If you are an Internet merchant you will definitely find both the report and the two scenarios interesting. If you are a consumer, you should make this law your friend.

    Either way, this is a must read.

    There are no review copies and I?m only asking a paltry $3 through paypal. If you want a copy pm me and I will pm my paypal address. I have not put it up on the Net as it will become part of a comprehensive book I am writing on personal money management and using the current federal and state laws to get out of debt. Once I finish the book, the offer will be pulled.

    If you want an ebook written on this law so you can either sell, or offer, it as a bonus to potential subscribers, let me know in your pm and we?ll discuss the details.
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    Montreal, Canada
    How relevant is this information in Canada? Generalized policies and regulations, or state/US specific?

    Interesting offer there ;)
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    Nice Information

    Thanks for sharing this information with us....

    Thanks a lot

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