About the Adwords on Google: how can I know how many times an Adword will be...

Discussion in 'Google' started by mrjorgito, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. mrjorgito Guest

    ...displayed per month? Say, my keyword is "cardamom"
    ?Will I know where exactly will my Adword will be displayed?
    ?Will it be displayed on the results page of a search? or ?Will ti be displayed on different websites?
    ?How can I know the estimate number of times my Adword will be clicked per month?

    Thank you very much!
  2. sonika m Guest

    sonika m
    Good Day to you.
    You will get all information after login to account.
    it will ask you to select area to display ad. if you choose UAS then it will show in USA country . or you can choose specific area in any country.
    2. its your choose where you want to display your ad ..in search result pages or in google context websites
    At the time of creating ad ..it will adk you
    3. Google adword have a estimate tool ..that will give you idea .. if you want to pay 100 $ for any keyword ..it will givve you stats for that ..like at what position you ad will be display and how many click get .

    Swani Mishra

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