Adobe CS2 & the New Adobe CS3, what are the new stand out differences of Adobe CS3?

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Oracle9004, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Oracle9004 Guest

    Although money is not an issue, I wanted to see if it was ultimately worth it to go with CS3.

    Can anyone point out the OooO's and AaaaH's of CS3 over 2?
  2. xdwcpsd Guest

    Adobe acquired Macromedia and the biggest difference in suites is that there a combination of both companies products in each one. This means that you are going to get new software at upgrade pricing that you did not have before.

    Price aside, the three biggest features in this year's version, in my opinion are:

    1. Interoperability. Flash and Photoshop can share layers. You can work in one program and send files seamlessly to another (of course, if they are related ... like you can't open pdf files in Flash)

    2. Support for multiple platforms (inc. Vista, XP, Mac)

    3. Each individual program has its own upgrades and "coolness" added to it while keeping a lot of the things that worked working the same way. To list them would take quite a long time. I could write books on it. You should check that products website to see what they are.

    That's an easy enough site to navigate and will tell you all you need to know. You can even have an instant messaging chat with one of their sales associate if you go to the buying page.

    In essence, it is a major upgrade and one that I would recommend.
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