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    Direct links or script redirect links available

    Qdoos is one of the most up and coming Webmaster Forums on the internet which is already reaching a great 200 unique visitors a day and growing every day.

    We Currently have 5 advert spots at the top of the forum which will give you site wide banner and Text link.

    One Spot will cost $40 per month, why a little more expansive than most Webmaster forums ? Well because we want to attract the right kind of adverts and we are open to negotiation.

    If you wish to purchase on of these spots please contact Riverwire

    qdoos is a new forum which has recently been relaunched and is getting around 200 uniques a day and growing.

    Terms and acceptance

    • No Adult
    • No Gambling
    • no dating sites

    We may reject or accept your sites at our own digression with out having to explain the decision
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