Adwords Help!!! Promotional offer!?

Discussion in 'Google' started by Yahoolinizer, May 7, 2008.

  1. Yahoolinizer Guest

    Hi im looking for an adwords promotional code that you arent using, or a company that can supply one for almost free.

    I signed up through an offer that is supposed to give you 50 dollars in credits and no setup charge and now they are saying you have to be a yahoo merchant to get this offer.

    i asked them if i can get it if isign up with yahoo and they said no.

    now im here looking for spare adowrds promotional codes, does anyone have them?
    i have like 3 days to use them any help?
  2. Kaspid Guest


    The promotional codes are coming only once you start a new campaign with qualified individuals or qualified companies. And its only 1 voucher for each web site(100$).
    If you find more than that becareful as google might band you and you can't advertise any more. Google is so serious about this problem and make sure don't do soething silly for couple of hundred dollors...

    Kind regards

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