AdWords terminology question - What is opposite of a "Sponsored Ad"????

Discussion in 'Google' started by The Peav, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. The Peav Guest

    The Peav
    When you do a google search you will see the ads to the right listed as "Sponsored Ads"

    What is the term for the non-sponsored ads? You know, all of the ones that show up bottom/left center of the screen?

    For some reason I thought it was "Organic Ads", but that doesn't sound right.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. imisidro Guest

    Organic search results or Organic listings

    They are not ads, but ranking of web sites based on Google's algorithm. You can't say "organic ads" because these sites did not pay to get to good rankings in this part of Google's search results

    Wikipedia has a solid discussion on organic search results
  3. i dont know anything about this business, but it would seem to me that a sponsored ad is an add that is being paid for. its generating income for google.

    a non-sponsored ad would then be an ad that google places in its ad space at no charge, thus it generates no income for google. "free ad"?

    thats just my guess,

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