AJAX problem : ajax script is not calling server methods when page is...

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Khaniya Sunil, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. ...refreshed. Have to reopen browser. HELP! i have one registration form,
    where dynamic image code is generated.
    now when page is refreshed then
    AJAX call should be made,
    and it should load again the registration part of form,
    but it is not calling again, and the old image code is shown.

    So , i think it is because browser is using page stored in Browser's memory. how to over come with this problem..????
  2. you didn't say which browser, nor where you are starting the ajax request.

    slapping the call directly in the js may give that symptom.

    the simple way around it is to do it in the body onlooad.

    next time post an sample of your code or include an href!
  3. Vaibhav A Guest

    Vaibhav A
    Clear the browser cache....using some javascript code

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