AJAX search engine optimisation ?

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by just "JR", Mar 17, 2008.

  1. just "JR" Guest

    just "JR"
    Since the arrival of AJAX, websites are being designed in a "split form": a javascript running on the client's machine, and a Php (or other) running on the server.
    This means that the CONTENTS of the "pages" is invisible to SE crawlers (well, I think so).
    On the other hand, sites now can have one page only, while the contents of the page is refreshed as the user progresses through the site. Again, that contents is invisible to SE...
    So, HOW do we optimise Web 2.0 AJAX sites to SE ?
    The header tags are not sufficient... or is there another way?
  2. SSandecki Guest

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