Any ideas on how to make extra money?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Damion, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Damion Guest

    I have a part time job however i dont make enough does anybody know how i can make some more money or about any good investments that will make me money
  2. redeyes Guest

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  3. Quiet.Buck Guest

    1. do not believe one web site on the web about making money, send in 20 and make a 1000, etc. all scams, don't care what they tell you, scam.

    2. real money is everywhere if we just look.

    3. copper and other metals are top dollar right now. going around to deconstruction sites, old areas of town where they are demolishing for high rises, etc. Collect the old pipes and such and turn them over to a scrap yard. Dirty work but can be very profitable since its free to begin with.

    4. box of trash bags, $20 in biz cards, ladder, vehicle. you are now a gutter cleaning expert. hit up nice area of town, knock on 30 doors, 6 should say yes. charge $50 per house and spend 1 to 2 hours cleaning gutters or any other odd thing you might want to do. Avg $25 to $50 an hr, work own hours, etc.

    5. be a delivery boy for the retirement homes. many can't get out to get toiletries, candy, books, etc. so go around to the homes, knock on 60 doors, 20 take orders, and each order is say $25 worth of junk. You charge 10% delivery/service fee or $2.50. Sounds like nothing till you figure $2.50 x 20 = $50. For what? Talking to a few old people, going to walmart and bringing the stuff back. And I bet many would even tip you. Figure that is an easy $20 per hour.

    6. buy the main colors of pin stripe for cars in the bigger package, does like 20 cars for $15. hit up dealers and offer the service, avg going rate is $10-$20 per car, takes maybe 5 mins a car. Avg dealer would say give 5 jobs @ $10 or $50 for less than 30 mins working and less than 10 in supplies. Now go to the next car lot and do it again. And they will want you back next week, so accounts do get formed.

    7. same thing as no. 6 can be done also with touch up paint, dent removal, interior repair services, smell removal, mobile oil and tire balancer, mobile light mechanics. dealers pay for all these services for their used car depts.

    8. the old hit up garage sales, flea markets, auctions and buy trinkets, antiques, etc. resell on ebay, craigslist, etc.

    9. watch craigslist and other sources for free items listed. if nice, clean them up and then post for sale. you can also do this on trash day by driving the nice areas of town. sounds bad to go "dumpster diving" so to speak, but you'd be surprised at what people throw out. friend of mine does this on the side few nights a week. he has a garage sale every other weekend in nice weather and lists on craigslists. made under the table 27k last yr, by washing, cleaning, putting new sweeper belt on, etc of stuff he found. bikes, vacs, tread mills, etc. people just set out for trash. even tv's computers, etc, its amazing at the stuff he finds.

    that should keep you busy or give you ideas.

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