Any ideas on how to make money by making crafts?

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  1. I am very creative and can make all sorts of things,jewelry,scrapbooking,planning parties(i have only planned for family and friends so far),stylist(helped friends and family choose clothing that both looks good and flatters them),im also very good at wrapping(gifts)

    i would like some ideas/suggestions how to start my own business.

    i want to start my own business somehow and would like some suggestions.
  2. Gina T Guest

    Gina T
    I great place to sell crafts online is They have a great community, and it's gaining popularity every day. It costs nothing to open a shop, and only 20 cents a listing that lasts 4 months. If you sell, you pay a very small percentage. It's well worth the pennies it costs to list your crafts there.

    You can see my etsy shop here:

    I just started, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you have on opening an etsy shop.
  3. Gary M Guest

    Gary M
    Is this what you want about making money it contains some useful information that may be relevant.
  4. If you're interested in Scrapbooking, I own my own scrapbooking company and can give you the information and tools that were given to me to get started. The cost is under $50 to get started and you can take the business as far as you'd like to go. I have been with the company for almost 1 year and my business is growing, slowly but it all depends on how much you work it and want to make it a big as you can. Email me at for more information or to give me your address to mail you some information on this awesome job opportunity.

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