Any sample SEO report for client?

Discussion in 'Google' started by Senthil K, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Senthil K Guest

    Senthil K
    I need any monthly sample report for adwords and SEO.
    because every month we have to inform and send the performance of the website to client. so i have confused about

    what kind of data's can i give it to client?
    how can impliment the information?
    any sample report for SEO performance?
    Any sample report for Adwords campaign Pereformance?
  2. sonika m Guest

    sonika m
    Nobody wolud like to share client report with anybody. they are confidential...
  3. ikki tenriyo Guest

    ikki tenriyo
    when giving information always talk about the benefits and make it clear as well
  4. Credic J Guest

    Credic J
    You can generate reports if you're using Adwords right in the control panel.

    If you're looking for SEO reports, just pick 10 keywords and give them their ranking for all of the major search engines.

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