any tips on how to make money for rogues WOW-AKA=World of Warcraft?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by FagBag :(, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. FagBag :( Guest

    FagBag :(
    Recommend not to try the game :(
    btw im lvl 70+ full lp skill and tailor 35x+chant32x
  2. Declan M Guest

    Declan M
    I know this shouldn't be a primary source but pick-pocketing humannoids in Nagrand or northern blades edge works sometimes. (If you are horde, use this) If your talent points are in combat, head to the camp where you get your first flying mount, kill the infernals outside, they drop some nice stuff. (Last time I tried I got 4-19 gold each kill). Maybe they were removed though... Good luck.
  3. krinkles1234 Guest

    Just keep doing your dailies, sell any grays you find to the vendor, sell greens and above on the ah, do instances for greens and above, and sell most whites on the ah (especially ones you know are for some quest), definitely sell any cloth you get on the ah, but don't go too far above the price others are selling for. Remember, if it's white, green, blue, or purple it's useful to someone.
  4. Nek Guest

    A good way to make money as any class is to simply farm mobs. Humanoids are usually your ideal kill because they drop silver and cloth.

    As a rogue you can try running dungeons and picking the locked chests; aka stealth runs. Also you can pick locks for other people for tips!
  5. attila Guest

    pickpocketing - depending on your level who to pickpocket but you can get a good amount of cash/cloth/items to sell.

    Also rogues are actually the best farmers imo unless you take a lot of dmg - which if you know how to stun wont happen much, you have no down time because the speed that energy regens.
    Find a group of humanoids that drop a lot of cloth or have good amount of money drops, then pickpocket and kill them all. You will make quite a bit very fast, try to have your bags pretty empty when you start and DO take greys - just sell them as soon as your bags get full and keep going until you have enough stuff for money.

    If you're a skinner, get humanoids or something you can skin - then exchange pickpocketing for skinning.

    You want a group of mobs that are decently grouped so you don't have a lot of travel time. I liked the ogres in Zangermarsh.

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