Anyone know where to email, mail, or call for baby freebies or samples?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by brandymattison, May 9, 2008.

  1. I am looking for websites, addresses, etc....

  2. if you go to beech nuts website they have a program where you print out a form, and mail in upcs from the baby food jars. in return they send you coupons.

    go to any baby item website you can think of... pampers, huggies, gerber, etc and register for coupons and stuff.
  3. (they send wonderful coupons each month- like 5-7 off a purchase!) (send coupons) (if you register they will send you coupons and if you use their diapers you can enter the numbers inside the packages of diapers and collect them to earn points for baby toys) (great coupons and sometimes they run special offers for free spoons, bowls, etc.) (great coupons and baby food for that matter. They were recently also giving away free bowls)
  4. Bonnie C Guest

    Bonnie C
    you could try these i know they send out samples
  5. Deidre Guest

    If your having multiples, the diaper and formula companies have lots of great programs. Just google Multiples (or twins, etc).

    If you are not having multiples, try filling out all the formula companies registration. They send lots of samples and coupons for all types of stuff.
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