Are people actually making any good money off of affiliate programs?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by mpj_33, May 9, 2008.

  1. mpj_33 Guest

    If so, what is the best way to start up from scratch?
  2. Sandy Guest

    It simply depends upon the popularity of your website. If your website gets opened up many times, you would surely make good money with affiliate programs.

    To start up, create a website and start its publicity as more as you can.
  3. Plenty of Affiliate Marketing info here on this Squidoo site:
  4. Dr. HOUSE Guest

    Dr. HOUSE
    Probably tons of them! Afilliate programs are the heart of lots of websites and have been for years! The trick is gettin your page recognized which is progressively harder as the days go by! If you can come up with one good idea thats out of the norm and easy for people to stumble on, you got it made! 10 years ago it was relatively easy to get a good page ranking and there were many tricks but those days are long gone!

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