Are there any affiliate programs that dont work on click ads?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by sdgjfhjfjkh, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. sdgjfhjfjkh Guest

    I mean i want to advertise my product on yahoo(for example).I am ready to pay a fixed budget but am not willing to shell out money to yahoo every time someone clicks on my ads.Are there any such ads?
  2. Type in "link exchange program" and setup a free link exchange from a program of your choice. You get to select and/or request links to other sites who do not want to pay for ads and such. It takes a while, but it will eventually get you a higher google page rank and eventually will be higher on search engines.

    Also, type in "google optimizer" and sign up for google linking.
  3. Bidvertiser Guest

    Yea there are. You can use classified ads and they are mostly free and work great. You can also do pay per post programs.
  4. Lydia Guest

    Most of the larger companies such as commision junction, buy at, affiliate future and loads of others offer set fees but you then have to pay whenever a sale is made which means you can't set a fixed monthly fee.

    It might be better to advertise your product on an established website that will charge you a set fee for a given period. I run 7 websites myself and I have placed adverts for as little as ?10 per month.

    I would have a look around for sites that are already selling products similar to yours and find out if they sell advertising space.

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