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    Autoblogged is a plugin for WordPress that automatically creates posts and builds content from RSS feeds, Blog searches, and even from your bookmarks. Once configured, the plugin will continue to find posts for your blog with no effort on your part.

    AutoBlogged lets you quickly build a site with natural keyword density and useful content. It's a great alternative to parking!

    AutoBlogged Features:
    - Automatically posts to your blog using RSS feeds, blog searches, bookmarking
    - Powerful keyword engine creates WordPress tags from the original article content
    - Include extra tags on each post to target specific keywords
    - Build a list of stopwords to block certain types of content
    - Automatically skip posts from certain domains or accommodate bloggers who wish to be excluded from your blog
    - Provides appropriate credit to original source and includes keyword-rich links back to the original article
    - Saves feed fields AutoBlogged saves every field in the RSS feed to each post as WordPress custom fields. This means that you have access to image urls, video urls, or any other information the feed provides.

    The price is $24.95 for one site, $59.95 for unlimited servers. Full unencrypted PHP source code included with purchase.

    To see demo sites, purchase, or for more info visit or PM me.

    Note that this script is not a scraper and does not work well in this capacity. This script is meant to build legitimate portal and aggregator blogs and has features to be friendly to other webmasters.

    Note also that this is an original script I wrote myself, not something I am reselling. I will provide support.
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