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    With MyVideoBlog is easy to create your own video blog!
    The script pulls videos from feeds.

    Current version is compatible with:

    - YouTube
    - Dailymotion
    - Metacafe

    * I'm accepting suggestions for new sources of videos.


    - Easy control panel inside the wordpress admin!
    - Several feeds per category.
    - Set the number of videos per feed.
    - Set the weekdays that each feed will be updated.
    - Set feed active or not active.
    - The script saves the keywords/tags of each video, works perfectly with Jeromes-keywords Plugin.
    - Set automatic or semi-automatic.

    About the semi-automatic:
    You can mark any feed as "draft", so all the videos from this feed will be saved as "draft" and will not be published until you access the wordpress admin and publish manually. Works like a moderation system. The script collects the videos and you approve them.

    Screenshot of Control Panel:

    Real site using the script:

    - Server with Cron Jobs allowed (Necessary for automatic updates).
    - PHP (Only tested with PHP5.2.0) with file_get_contents allowed (Necessary for dailymotion videos).
    - MySQL
    - Wordpress 2.2.0

    PRICE: $20.00 - NO Resell Rights.
    Payments via PayPal.
    If you are interested post sold or PM me and I will send you the payment details.

  2. Is that your own script i mean you wrote it or what? any review copies man Lol...

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