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    But those holes up front have to rsgole be sewn shut. They don’t actually need that much more. But that is a lot.The Seahawks have patched together a line and crossed their fingers all year. Wilson’s blind side is protected by George Fant, whose tale of being a converted basketball player is entertaining, but not always helpful.

    The rest of the line has been shuffled and replaced and reworked over and over. Their big investment was one they made just this year, with first-round pick Germain Ifedi, drafted as a tackle and now playing guard.Those kind of position changes, especially with players drafted low or signed from elsewhere, have worked in other places at other times. It hasn’t worked at all in Seattle.

    Seahawks miscues non-factors in blowout lossThat’s inexcusable, especially with a franchise quarterback entering his prime years — this was Wilson’s fifth season, and he's 28 — and enough skill position talent to complement him. They’re still uncovering potential stars out of nowhere, the latest being acrobatic wide receiver Paul Richardson. They're still a 10-win, division-champion team.

    They can’t let their line shortcomings keep holding them back.This goes beyond the Seahawks running into a stretch of key players, including Wilson, who were in line for big contracts in a short span of time. This goes to neglect, at least, and arrogance at worst. This has not snuck up on the Seahawks either.

    Before last year, the price they paid for Graham was Buy OSRS Gold center Max Unger; the line hasn't been the same since. Then the tackle they felt sure they could get along without, Russell Okung, left as a free agent, and they haven’t come close to replacing him.The Seahawks got away with it in the wild-card round each of the last two seasons, against the Vikings and Lions, respectively, only to get exposed the next week — by the Panthers and then, on Saturday, the Falcons.
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