Can anybody give me a ballpark figure of how much money little Ashley will

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Live Free Or Die, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. be able to make out of the scandal? Once she gets hooked up with the right agent will there be a book deal in the offing, maybe even a big Hollywood blockbuster she could sell the rights to: how I brought the powerful governor to his knees by Ashley?
  2. Maybe as much as Monica Lewinsky
    This little girl has it made
    She can start mapping out her retirement
  3. Right, you are, Live Free. America loooooves a good scandal. Packaged properly, little Ashley will never have to be roughed up sexually for money ever again. She'll never have to "work" again. ;-)
  4. I did some calculations. $5,000 an hour x 160 hours a month x 12 months per year...that's $9.6 million a year. I should have been born a girl!

    Wait...her phone is ringing...


    "Ashley Kristen? This here is Larry Flint calling..."
  5. Leslie S Guest

    Leslie S
    More money than I will probably make in 10 years. I wish I were a hot young girl. I would be sitting on a gold mine.
  6. Samham Guest

    They are reporting 1 million within a week.

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