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Discussion in 'Content Writers' started by tonks21, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. tonks21 Guest

    I'm back and ready to write more reviews for all of you. This time though there will be two reviews on two different sites with three links on each(6 links in all). As always the reviews will be at least 200 words long(though I usually write more).

    The price is only $5 and I will submit one of the reviews to stumble upon.

    To get things going I'll let the first two people have this for free!

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  2. hi tonks

    do u think u can do some forum posts and blog comments for me.. it will be worth ur while.. i will pay $0.5/per blog comment and $0.75 per forum post.. u will need to weave a link i give into the comment and forum post.

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