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    The best search to do is ?Affiliate Marketing.? One particular site alone has over ten thousand companies offering commissions to home workers. That?s just one site. There are several sites with companies offering affiliate commissions. Join an affiliate program. You can join as many as you like. At the time of this writing, I would estimate there are well over thirty thousand affiliate programs available on the internet for you to join. I like affiliate marketing because it?s simple. All you have to do is bring traffic to the vendor and the sales commission goes to you. You don?t have to write a sales page. You don?t have to do much of anything besides bring traffic to the vendor. Customer service isn?t your responsibility as an affiliate marketer. Targeted traffic is your responsibility. That?s how you generate sales.

    Work at home opportunities are available all over the internet. This is contrary to what you may have thought due to the so-called recession. Almost everyone is selling something on the internet and smart vendors are giving sales commissions. You can earn anywhere from ten percent to 90 percent or more working for these companies. Forget about preparing your resume. The companies don?t care what you look like, what you ate for breakfast , who?s your mother in law or if you even have one (that was supposed to be a joke) . Seriously companies offering sales commissions basically only care about customers and making sales . This is done by generating targeted traffic to their site. They already have a sales page for you to use and they will give you a special affiliate code to go with their sales page. Every time a sale is made from that page ,with your sales code on it, you get credited and your respective company sends you money. Some companies deposit money directly into your bank account. Others will send you a check.

    The problem happens when you have to spend money to get traffic. Sometimes the cost of advertising exceeds any profit made. This of course is disheartening. My solution for such a dilemma is to use ?free advertising.? Spending money cuts into your profit, so I don?t suggest spending money on advertising. Seasoned internet professionals will tell you this is what distinguishes the men from the boys , so to speak. You?ll need free targeted advertising for success.

    Digital information is sold easily over the web and you should find it to be profitable. The vendor has no problem with storage as a digital product, such as a report, is digital. There is no need to freeze or store under expensive conditions. Unlike meat and vegetables, digital products don?t spoil. They may get out dated, however updates are the solution to that.

    Years ago finding work was a difficult task. Today it?s simple if you have an internet connection and a computer. There really is no excuse for the average person. Companies are craving to have you bring them business. The two most popular affiliate networks are ClickBank and Commission Junction. These two sites offer thousands upon thousands of companies offering affiliate commissions. My personal experience finds ClickBank the most Newbie friendly. Don?t just take my word for it. Do a search and research ?affiliate marketing.? You?ll see thousands of companies offering commissions, so that you can work at home.


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