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    Sale Information​

    Domain: ]
    Unique Visitors:
    Page Views:
    Starting Price: 150$
    Registar: TechBiz15
    Expirary Date: 2/5/2010
    Age of Site:
    Scripts Used:
    [/table][/floatright]Updated script

    If U want Ur Matrimonial website please visit these link

    Complete matrimonial script with the resell rights only in $ 150.
    See the demo at: -
    Admin Panel: -
    Admin Details
    User Name: -admin
    Password: - admin

    See the demo 2 at: -
    Admin Panel: -
    Admin Details
    User Name: -admin
    Password: - admin

    o features
    o Guest Module:-
    ? Member registration (paid or free)
    ? Browse categories that are sorted by region, community,
    ? religion Basic search on homepage
    ? Advanced search with additional parameters
    ? Non-members can see results of listings but with limited info
    ? Members have unrestricted access to the complete profile
    ? Featured profile listings on homepage along with thumbnail images
    ? Static information pages Members Module :-
    ? Membership Info
    ? Manage membership account info
    ? Order details
    ? Email Alert Configuration
    ? Change partner profile
    ? Edit own profile
    ? Upgrade Profiule
    ? Upload Photos (multiple)
    ? Protect Photo
    ? Upload Horoscope
    ? Family Info - Father, Mother name, status, etc.
    ? Partner Preference
    ? Contact Profiles
    ? Hobbies
    ? View Details of Members Search Module :-
    ? Quick or Smart Search
    ? Advanced Search
    ? Search by Profile ID
    ? Search by City/ State
    ? Contact Members Module:-
    ? Show or Express Interest
    ? List of members whom I have accepted
    ? List of members who have accepted me
    ? List of members who have contacted me
    ? List of members whom I have contacted
    ? Listing of all incoming messages
    ? Listing of all sent messages
    ? Forward the profile to a friend
    ? Send Personalized Messages
    ? Bookmark Profile
    ? Print Profile
    ? Admin Module
    ? 1.Site Configuration
    ? set the url details of the website and tilt , description of the site
    ? you can edit the admin password

    o 2.Members Approval
    ? approve new profiles as profile will not come in search results till they
    ? approve by admin
    ? upgrade membership of members from free to paid

    o 3.Horoscope Approval
    ? approve the horoscope uploaded by members

    o 4.Renewal Membership
    ? renew membership of expired members
    ? report of members who are going to expire

    o 5.Members Report
    ? see the inacive members
    ? see the acive members
    ? see the paid members

    o 6. Delete Members
    ? delete the inacive members
    ? delete the acive members
    ? delete the paid members

    o 7.Caste
    ? manage the cast and religion

    o 8.Edit Membership Plans
    ? edit membership plan

    o 9.Members Photo Approval
    ? approve the photo of members as untill you approve members photo it will not see online

    o 10.Successstory Approval
    ? approve success story uploaded by members
    ? you can unapprove or delete success stories

    o 11.Assured Contact Allocation
    ? you can set/reset the no. of contacts for paid and unpaid members

    ? 12.Members Report
    ? you can download members in excel format
    ? you can see the sales report of paid members , when they become paid members and how they pay
    ? viea report of all members

    o 13.News Letter
    ? you can send the news letter to all members , single member or group of members
    ? sms messaging - disable as it requite API integration

    ? 14. Database CheckUp
    ? check up database connectivity and functionality

    o 15 Payment Features Module
    ? Payment Entry Form
    ? Sales Invoices
    ? Sales Receipts
    ? Consolidated Accounts Summary
    ? Renewal for Paid Members
    ? Payment Gateway Integration
    ? Paypal, 2CO, CCAvenue, etc.
    ? Credit Card Support

    o Reporting Features Admin Module
    ? Inactive Members Report
    ? Free/Active Members Report
    ? Paid Members Report
    ? Members Report by Reference
    ? Customised Export to Excel Format
    ? View Reports of users by City / Gender / Country
    ? View Profiles by Religion
    ? Edit Member Details
    ? ADMIN Quick Search profiles
    ? Reports in Excel Format.

    o Mailing Features Admin Module
    ? Newsletter
    ? Membership Expiry Reminder Notices

    ? Additional available features
    ? banner management
    ? classified management
    ? RSS
    ? audio/video chat module
    ? toolbar
    ? weeding shop(complete cms application integrated)
    ? SMS API installation
    ? hosting solution

    o New Features: -
    ? My Matches

    ? Favorites
    ? Members I am Looking for
    ? Members Looking for me
    ? Who visited my profile
    ? Profiles viewed by me
    ? Search
    ? Who is online
    ? Special Cases
    ? Prefrence based Search

    ? Massaging for paid members

    ? Inbox
    ? Sent mail
    ? Draft mail
    ? Compose
    ? Trash
    ? Message from admin
    ? SMS message
    ? Profile Management
    ? My Account
    ? Alert Manager
    ? Certified Profiles
    ? Validations for Mobile
    ? Validations for Email

    ? Trusted/featured/latest profiles
    ? Profiles with icons
    ? Verification code/ mail
    ? Admin have control on cast and sub cast
    ? Admin can edit and add data in any profiles
    ? Profile of the week
    ? Success story
    ? Country/city/state search
    ? Manage partner profile
    ? Manage my search in member panel
    ? Massage compose/draft/sent/trash/inbox in member panel
    ? Massage by admin in member panel

    ? Database backup at a click (both in server/system)

    ? Hindi language Converter

    o there is some additional features are
    complete sms api support
    video support
    manage all profiles through the admin
    classified with all the world city's
    wedding shop
    banner advertisement or complete ad management
    support ticket management
    chat/forum/massage board module
    member's photo and video protected
    all the profiles are shows as name (it is very beneficial to members)
    toolbar is now under development it'll be ready in a week
    SEO friendly coding and also you can manage your keyword through the admin
    recent profiles and featured profiles are shown at home page
    trusted mark on profile
    all the marks on profile like featured,mobile,horescope,chat etc. manage by admin
    4 type more searching of profiles now the total searching is 10 type.
    members can save search

    ? and also we are developing mobile applications for this matrimonial script. through this members can get the support of mobile to access the website.

    Thank You

    Pm Me or Contact Me at
    Tech Biz Solution
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    Sep 20, 2009
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    Nice information.Thanks for sharing.Nice site.
  3. zelok New Member

    Oct 4, 2009
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    Very nice script. The price is a little high though. If you reduce the price I might be interested.
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