Do affiliate programs really work?

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  1. I've been using Linkshare for over a year now, and I just started with Commission Junction as well. I get tons of click throughs, but never any sales or membership sign ups. On the one hand it makes my own webstore look a little more professional, but at the same time I hate to think that I'm giving free advertising to these companies.
  2. Hi, I have an affiliate program and yes, it DOES work. Many of my sales come from the affiliates who sign up, and they are paid for the referrals resulting in sales. The more affiliate programs you partcipate in, the better your chances of making sales.

    Good luck!
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    it works and i can prove to you. We have an affiliate program that will pay you 25% of what you sale plus 10$ just to sign in. Payments are done via paypal or check. Our products are in demand and we are in the market for more then 2 years now. Also our web pages are ranked 2 within google and yahoo and they are on 1st -3rd page on search engines like yahoo google msn aol and so on...

    Just give it a try and i am sure you will make a nice income out of it.

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    Thank you and God bless!
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    Certainly, Yes !

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