Do fansites on the internet make money, i just wanted to know, and if so,...

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Darren H, May 11, 2008.

  1. Darren H Guest

    Darren H thanks!? Because there are alot of fansites on the internet and it does cost to keep them running so i was just wondering how do they get the funds to keep up and running?
  2. Some sites carry advertising from places like Trade Doubler.

    You choose programs that you want to twam up with, and if they approve your site you can access their advert code and put them on your pages.

    Some are per click, so they pay you every time someone click on it.

    Some are Per sale %. So if say, it was AOL. Someone clicked on the ad, purchased AOL Broadband you would get a % of that (normally around the 1 - 10% mark).

    The more people you can get to buy the items via the adverts, the more money you make.
  3. benjimm1 Guest

    Yes. My uncle runs some mantel business where all he does is sell mantles and he has commercials and he has been invited to many different shows. The only way I know how to make one is make a Freewebs site and it gives you an option for a web store if you have a pay pal account and you choose objects in "edit store" then set a price you'll deliver it someone will pay for it and you end up with a watt a cash.

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