Do Yahoo Publisher Network invites exist and can I purchase one?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by Juicy J, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Juicy J Guest

    Juicy J
    AdSense is annoying.
  2. imisidro Guest

    You do not purchase YPN invites. You apply to YPN and they will issue you an invite if they think your site fits well with them (for starters, you must be in the US and your site must be US focused)

    Note that YPN is much more selective in choosing websites, and they are even stricter than Google in terms of enforcing their terms of service (they even kick out sites that derive traffic from "low quality sources" such as MySpace) I am not sure why you find Adsense annoying, but YPN is basically the same

    Go to the YPN site and apply from there

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