does anybody know how to make a really easy go cart for no money?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by mrguy1234567890, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. i can use whatever materials, just tell me how to make one
  2. Absolutely no money? No, that's technically impossible... but if you mean to build one for cheap, yes that is possible.... Here are some ideas to save money on the project....Weld the frame up from used steel --anything you can come across (old broken or unwanted exercise equipment works good for this) get the front steering spindles, tires, rear axle, drive chain, steering wheel, and seat off an old broken down riding lawnmower. Engine can come from a old tiller, snowblower or other implement that has a horizontal shaft engine.... Now here is where $ comes in: you will need to buy a centrifugal clutch, brake, rods for your steering and brake pedal, a cable for the gas pedal, adjustable tie rod ends for your steering rods. You may also need to buy some metal bushings you can weld to the frame to run the brake rods through. If you are able to get all the items free except for the things I mentioned you needed to buy, you might be able to build it for 50-100 bucks..... but you will need some $ because you won't find everything you need for free, unless you do a five finger discount which I don't recommend.
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    1 inch steel square tube can be used fr the chassis, just cut and weld so its sturdy and can take a little stress, add a small seat to it (even just a plastic chair with no legs) steering is the most difficult part but plenty of websites have information) a horizontal lawnmower engine works great in these.

    thats just a basic outline
    plenty of info and plans available here:

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