does anyone hav like a big secret about how to make money on runescape.?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by runescapepwner, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. if so plz tell me,

  2. david c Guest

    david c
    yes min pure essence after rune mysteries quest
  3. try just look up the game and then click on whatever u need.
  4. allstar10gm Guest

    getting flax. thats what i did when i played.
  5. I Know One,
    You could get a job. or steal off of someone else. or kill them in the game and take their gold/money
  6. Samantha X Guest

    Samantha X
    Haha what I do is I just save! I have a lot of money just from saving. :)
  7. Miranda ^^ Guest

    Miranda ^^
    Law running :)
  8. Andrew D Guest

    Andrew D
    Do some law running in world 60....(i think......)
  9. thomas Guest

    The thing is most people don't want to know the answer when they hear it.

    The big secret, DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS WITHOUT BUYING SUPPLIES. Gathering the supplies is often a skill unto itself ( besides the gathers usually overcharge ). It's time consuming but you'll find that all the skills are interconnected. If you focus on raising all your skills you'll eventually find your making lots of GP without even realizing it. Then you can buy whatever new toy you want whenever you want it.
  10. a.a.alawi Guest

    If you want a big secret u will get the answer becouse 10 00 0 are watching the answer that will make for them more money and then that will not be a secret and the method will be blocked

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