Does anyone know anything about pay per click advertising?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by 52donnie, May 10, 2008.

  1. 52donnie Guest

    I want to advertise with pay per click advertising. My budget is $50 a month for right now. What would be a good price to pay per click to have a decent position on a search engine?
  2. Wilus Guest

    i wouldn't pay for it since it would take a lot lot more to get high rankings. you would be better of with free link exchanges, the more you advertise on the faster your clicks.

  3. imisidro Guest

    $50 is too low for a budget for pay per click. But it can be done.

    I suggest you check out Google Adwords and Yahoo (though with your budget, I'd rather go with Adwords)

    Note though that you cannot pay your way to get top ranking in Google. If you join Adwords, your ad will be shown on the SIDE labeled as Sponsored Links, not on the actual search results. If you use paid inclusion of Yahoo, your $50 will not get you anywhere.

    Your strategy should be to look for longer keywords, but more targeted. Do not bid on your main keyword as main keywords typically are expensive with lots of advertisers competing for the top spot. You can easily deplete your $50 in one day.

    For example, instead of bidding for "diamond ring" which can go for $0.65 or even higher. Choose keywords such as "1 carat princess cut yellow diamond ring" which is much cheaper -- fewer impressions, but targeted traffic and cheaper.

    I suggest you look for better ways to get traffic -- and not pay for advertising.
  4. heylen_kevin Guest

    I'm from europe so I use euro's but no problem. The smallest amount is 0,05 cent per click. Set your daily budget to 2 dollar and you'll never spend more than 60 dollars a month.

    To find your ideal amount per click, you just have to test it. Check your keywords every day and bid more or less per click, per word.

    The amount per click depends on the competition, the sector you're in and how many visitors you get.

    Google Adwords are very simple. You'll find out very quickly.

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