does yahoo news have an anti-Catholic agenda?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by Peter C, Apr 1, 2008.

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    Peter C
    Faith-healing controversy is the opening subtitle with a pic of a hand bearing a rosary, with the caption ?Court indicts parents for 'neglect' after sick toddler's death.? In the effort to sway public opinion, the Followers of Christ Church are not Catholic, but a cult. This is insulting and irresponsible manipulation of appearances that I call the anti-Catholic agenda of yahoo news. The Associated Press makes no reference to Catholicism in its report, yahoo news does, with a misleading pic. Yahoo news doesn?t care that withholding medical attention is contrary to Catholic teaching, they want to blanket all Christian faiths to look stupid over the actions of a mind controlling cult. Notice no Protestants symbols were used to cover this tragic story, just a Rosary.

    Cardinal Formenti said the data on Muslim populations had been compiled by individual countries and then released by the United Nations, adding the Vatican could only vouch for its own statistics. Think about it. ?Individual countries? compiled the data, meaning individual Muslim countries submitted data to the United Nations, and the Vatican is not afraid to use that data in a yearbook. It doesn?t say the Philippines or Brazil is included in the compilation. That?s what ?it?s own statistics? means.

    This bears witness to the misleading and deceptive tactics of how the media exploits the smallest opportunity to discredit the Church with subtleties.

    And even if it is true, it's no concern for Catholics. We aim for quality, and quantity will take care of itself, just like it did when a superpower was throwing the Catholic minority to the lions. We are still here. They aren't.
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    Are all catholics long winded like you?
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    Catholics do not aim for Christ,that is the problem.
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    typical liberal media that's all
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    no, but it is pro-mormon
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    Feb 22, 2008
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    the church discredits its self with with holding christian artifacts from public view, I.E jesus's testiment, the body that they thought might be christs wich then was never heard of again, the books of Jesus's child hood, the fact they changed the bible, the fact that if you read the original bible in its true tongue the miricles are not that spectaular i,e the red sea was actuly the reed sea

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