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Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by Lord Soth, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Lord Soth
    I have a domain and I am the administrative contact on the whois database. I am trying to transfer the domain to but (affiliate of which is the first registrar doesn't provide a way for me to access to the AUTH code necessary to authorize the transfer. Their web control panel doesn't provide access to AUTH code; neither they answer to my e-mails enquiring the code.

    How can access to AUTH code of the domain I own and already paid for the transfer.


  2. Your registrar is required to provide the authorization code when requested . If they won't respond to your emails ...

    go to and you will see that the domain name "" is registered in the name of the individual that is also listed as owner of the hosting company. The whois provides an email, an address and a phone number. If you are in Toronto you might want to go knock on his door :)

    "" whois reports same name and contact info.
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    chid a
    Your domain name registrar should be able to provide you with your Transfer Authorization Code. My domain name is registered for 10 years -- can I transfer ...

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