don't you just hate how celebs find any exuse to make money. Pregnant Write a book,

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by girl, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. girl Guest

    loose weight Write a book Bad marriage Write a book Get a pet Write a book Live for aleast 20 years Write a book Go traveling Write a book etc. Of course it does,nt need to be a book they could become experts and give advice on Tv show. and on it goes.
  2. Kiser Guest

    It seems like all of them look at fame as a way to shove their opinions down our throats.

    Sure, some might be nice, but I could honestly care less about someone who makes money off of every little thing they do.
  3. kik Guest

    a lot of celeberites crave the spot light and will do anything to keep themselves there.
  4. Maria Guest

    celebrities think theyre awesome but i personally dont give a shit about the lives of people ill never meet/they dont affect me at all
  5. SUSAN T Guest

    YES and do you notice when they lose weight by getting tummy tuck/surgery they STILL write a book/make a fitness video about how they "won" their battle with weight!! They are full of sh it and money mad.Poor excuses of celebs
  6. I agree but the worst part is how many people are now classed as celebs when they have no talent and have just appeared on a reality TV show.
  7. Rockitude <3 Guest

    Rockitude <3
    Haha yeah! I've noticed that. They either do that or make an exercise DVD in January :p

    I'd like to see some:

    Have constipation, write a book, Have a threesome,write a book, Trap your husbands testicles in the car door, write a book.......etc that would be rather funny!

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