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    Domain Name: (see forum signature) SEOVB
    Domain Registrar: GoDaddy
    Domain Expiry Date: 2009-03-24

    Website Description:
    SEOvB started out as an search engine optimization blog that offered free tips to its readers. We then started doing SEO jobs at the request of our readers, and forum maintenance work mostly with vBulletin, and wordpress SEO jobs.

    Approx 2 months ago, the site was split from being a "SEO Blog" and a "Company Website" into two seperate sites. The SEO Blog part will be included with the sale if BIN is reached. (SEOTIPS4 _-DOT-_com made one IBP affiliate sale at $150+, and some adsense earnings)

    The company part of the site is still powered by wordpress, using custom built pages that are easy to manage. The business generates on average over $1,600 in profits every month. The only month in which $1,600 was not reached was July, due to an illness and vacation that month. Some months when I was really pushing the services the earnings were over $2,500!!!

    The time spent per week working on clients sites, is around 15-20 hours. the months where 2,500 was made, the number was probably around 25 hours.

    Advertising has been done via forum signatures, and the occasional "free to advertise your service" forums. You could easily double or triple profits if this company was advertised outside of word of mouth referrals where a majority of business is coming from.

    Revenue Statistics: You can view screenshots of revenue proof via paypal reports in the /forsale folder. (Visit the domain, and type /forsale at the end)

    Starting Bid: $3,200 (two month average revenue)
    Minimum Increments: $50
    Buy it Now: $12,500 (less than the industry standard of 10 months of revenue)

    Payment Methods Accepted: Paypal, Check, Money Order, 50/50 split

    End Date: Septh 9th, 2008 Noon, EST

    Additional Notes: The site makes the bulk of the revenue from returning clients who need work done. They simply email the webmaster at seovb_-DOT-_com address with what they need and you provide a price quote and do the work.

    The site is currently ranking #1 google for a main search phrase of "vBulletin services"

    Feel free to post any questions you have. I will allow private bids. The current clients can either be made aware of the change or not depending on your preference. All sales are final.

    Reason for sale: Returned to college for forensics and between my computer repair shop, and school I have no free time to offer these services.

    (and im a poor college student again now :D)

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