Fedora VS Redhat Linux?

Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by Olaquali, May 4, 2008.

  1. Olaquali Guest

    What are the big differences between the two?
    What are the advantages/disadvantages of using one or the other?
    Thank you.
    The system will be used to backup an entire linux filesystem remotely on a regular basis.
  2. adam Guest

    check to forums kiddo.

    also..next time. tell us what you are using them for. server? ..home?
  3. The above given answer is perfect and should be selected as a best answer.
  4. snakeeyes Guest

    Redhat makes Linux for enterprise consumers and products that require long term support.

    Fedora is a project sponsored by Redhat and is aimed at desktop systems so if u have a large company looking for a Linux system u might want to consider Redhat, but for a desktop u should use Fedora.

    Another example to make it clearer is like Redhat is like SLED which is Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop which is aimed at enterprise markets whereas openSUSE is the equivalent of Fedora which is aimed at desktop markets other distros aimed at desktops r like debian, and linux mint.

    Edit: I read your question again and I think fedora can do what u r looking for but I strongly suggest openSUSE mainly because its easier and more polished.

    Again if u r in a business and need professional support then SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop or Redhat is amazing. If u r not in a company then openSUSE or Fedora is great as well.


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