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    Greetings Members!

    We want to continue to grow Qdoos into an active community for web users worldwide. These rules are in place so that all members can enjoy their time here.

    1) Be Respectful
    Treat other members as you would have them treat you. This means no flaming, insulting, or belittling other members.

    2) Stay on Topic
    Posts in a thread should not deviate from the original topic. For a new discussion, make a separate post.

    3) No inappropriate language or images
    Avoid vulgar, racist, and sexist comments, as well as swearing. We have a Zero Profanity policy. There is an automatic censor, but that does not mean anything it misses is necessarily acceptable. The censor should never have to be used, as appropriate language should be used initially. Do not post ****ographic, violent, gory, or otherwise offensive graphics or links. Images should be scaled down as necessary to maintain a consistent and readable forum layout.

    4) No Spamming
    Spamming is a broad term. Spamming includes unauthorized advertising, unproductive and useless posting, post-padding, empty posts, referral and associate links, pyramid schemes, etc.

    5) Keep Things Legal
    Any discussion, links, or information on hacking, cracking, serial numbers, pirating, warez, or any other illegal matters is not allowed.

    6) No Avatar or Custom Title Abuse
    Avatars and custom titles are subject to Rule 3. Titles may not contain "Banned", "Administrator", "Moderator", or any of their abbreviations.

    7) Signatures must adhere to the following specifications:

    * Text signatures may not exceed 15 lines in size 1, or 8 lines in size 2. Text size 3 and above is not allowed. Text size 1 may only be used with a graphic, with no more than 8 lines.
    * The combined size of all images in a sig is a maximum of 200x120. Please keep the file sizes small for loading times.
    * Any scripts that display a user's IP address and browser information are not allowed.
    * Signatures are subject to Rule 3.
    *No more than 3 links per signatures, Senior members (over 500 posts) may add 4 links

    Cool Enjoy yourself!
    Have a great time posting and we look forward to your feedback.

    When the rules are breached, the moderators and administrators may send warnings, remove privileges, or choose to ban a user immediately, depending on the severity. Ignored warnings and continued offense usually result in banning.

    The administrators and moderators reserve the right at all times to edit or remove any posts, images, signatures, avatars, and custom titles. :D
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