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  1. yes i like to know how does the program freebies work? how do you get paid on that program. i want some information on that. i went on that website it doesn't tell me anything. all i see i advertisements on there. let me know asap.
  2. Hunter M Guest

    Hunter M
    Depends on what you want and how fast you want it.Some sites
    only give you money for completing an offer and some give you a certain amount of money for visiting a site for a certain amount of time.

    One that im using atm is,there you can get Xbox's,games,Ipods,ect,and you can even custom order what you want if you earned enough money.

    Hope that helped.
  3. thau Guest

    You probably want to tell people what site you were on, because from reading this, I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. There are hundreds of freebie sites out there.

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