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  1. i live in indiana and until 2 years ago I lived at home. I recently found out I could recieve free health care from the state and free food with food stamps? I know WIC gives free baby food but what other services are there to help out with our family? we are not doing so good financially and all the free help helps!

    does anyone know of any other services to look for?
    to the one who said get a job ...isn't it great being you! i have had a job since i was 14 years old now that i just had a new born in july and i am raising 3 other children with a fiance who works 11 hrs a day and i am attending school on his days off tell me where i could get a job that would pay for insurance food childcare etc with only able to work one day a week...that would help!
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    Try this link.

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