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Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Pat B, Apr 15, 2008.

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    Pat B
    type out las vegas coupons on your search bar, something there may interest you.....good luck......going there on the 29 Jan.
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    How and where do i get freebies i.e. free show tickets etc. I know you can but need advice as to how!!!
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    If you're a player anything is possible, as long as it isn't illegal or immoral. Rather than try to give you all the ins and outs of the comp process, I'm going to give you a reference. Read one of these books, for expert advice on how to get more out of LV than it gets out of you.

    "Comp City" - Max Rubin
    "The Frugal Gambler" - Jean Scott

    Both are available at the best single source of LV info > the Las Vegas Advisor.

    I do know how you can get tickets to one show "free" and it requires no play whatsoever. The best of the afternoon shows in LV is the Mac King show at Harrah's. If you're a first time sign up for their "Total Rewards" slot club card, they will give you two tickets to MK. Only one of you needs to sign up(hint, hint) if you're a couple save the other for the next trip, you may want to see the show again.

    If you want to see the big ticket shows on the strip, probably the best way would be to stay at one of the MGM/Mirage hotels. They(host) will work together to take care of their players, and they have access to many of the best shows. IOW if you're a player they(host) will do whatever it takes to keep you happy.

    2-4-1 coupons are one way to cut the cost of shows. The LVA's POV has 21 , 2-4-1 show coupons among the 164 in the 07 book. The hotel you stay with may have a "funbook" these have 2-4-1's to their show(s) sometimes. The LV magazines such as "LV 24/7" "Today in LV" "Showbiz" often have a 2-4-1 or two.

    Use one of the "TIX4TONIGHT" locations, they open at noon each day with half price tickets to that nights shows. 877-849-4868 - Locations - center strip>Fashion Show Mall, south strip>next to Harley Davidson Cafe, north strip>near the Riviera

    Good shows that often have 2-4-1's available
    Mac King - the booth in the carnaval court at Harrah's
    American Superstars - Stratosphere - "funbook"
    Dirk Arthur - Tropicana - LV Magazines
    Rick Thomas - Orleans - LV Magazines

    Viva Las Vegas> Don't waste your time!

    If you're into cars, the auto collection at the Imperial Palace is worth taking a look at. A free pass is very easy to come by, either check "Today in LV" magazine or most times they pass them out in front of the IP to draw people in.

    Some of the free spectacles in LV are an awesome sight
    The Fountains of Bellagio
    Fremont Street Experience
    Carnaval in The Sky - Rio
    Sirens of TI - Treasure Island
    Sunset Stampede - Sam's Town
    Merlin vs the Dragon - Excalibur
    Volcano/White Tigers - Mirage
    Festival/Atlantis fountains - Caesars
    Animal Habitat - Flamingo
    Lion Habitat - MGM

    Use the LVA links to sign up for hotel e-mail updates, these hotel are very good about sending out special offers.
    LV Hilton >rooms/shows/packages
    Mirage >rooms
    Venetian >packages
    Luxor >rooms/packages
    Mandalay Bay >rooms
    Orleans >rooms/packages
    Golden Nugget rooms/packages
    I would sign up for any you are interested in, you never know what kind of offers you might receive. It's the goal of every hotel in LV to fill every room, every night.

    If you're going to play, sign up for and use slot club cards. Even if you don't think you play enough. "Sometimes" a couple is better off signing up for separate accounts, as this "may" double any offers from a hotel. The Station and Coast(Boyd) groups are two that I usually would say it's best to sign up for separate cards. With other hotels it would depend a lot more on your level of play.

    "Nick D" ask this question 3 weeks ago "What are some tips on earning comps?" If you like, take a look at my answer to him, there might be some info that you find useful.

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