Freebies in the maternity ward?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by MsPen, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. MsPen Guest

    I've heard a lot about all the great freebies you get after giving birth and are about to go home! What do you get?! Mainly I'd like to know to avoid buying anything that I'll probably be given for free anyway. Thanks
    Sorry I did mean samples and vouchers etc.
  2. Son of Troll Guest

    Son of Troll
    ask about the Similac diaper bag , i used to have a link on how to get it but didnt know about it when we had our baby in July and we just took it, it was a diaper bag with a bunch of two oz bottles of formula and coupons i think but i dont remember
  3. I got a diaper bag from some formula company, a thermometer and nasal aspirator. That was it.
  4. Though Kaiser I got a diaper bag and a onesie with my first born. With my second, I got a diffrent type of bad and onesie and a "spa" kit, green tea lotion bubble bath, that kind of thing.
  5. maegs33 Guest


    I wanted to take those "Freebies" which are actually just bribes to get you to use specific formulas and ram them down the throats of those stupid hospitals.

    You can take the diapers, wipes, and pads out of the room. You will get an aspirator. That's about it and they won't last you more than a day or two.

    They will try to give you a free diaper bag (which is cheap and low quality) that is filled with formula and samples. It's a crock. It will undermine your efforts to breastfeed. New York state actually passed a law to remove the bag-o-fail-to-nurse from their hospitals and I hope most states do the same.

    I'd like to virtually flip off the formula companies that undermine women trying to breastfeed by giving them bags of formula right now...


  6. I went home with two packs of newborn diapers as well as some J&J body wash and lotion. There was also a diaper bag that including an insulated breatmilk cooler, and one of those nose suction things.
  7. criley27 Guest

    In NJ, I got a diaper bag filled with formula (Enfamil) Other then that, that was it. Oh, I did get to keep the package of pads I was using for my bleeding, and the stiz bath container.
  8. Buy everything you need, you won't get much at the hospital.

    I got some samples, a pack of diapers, a pack of guaze (that they used as wipes)...a manual breast pump (and it was a peice of crap) (or a can of formula if you're going that route) ....

    Don't get too excited...they aren't going to outfit your nursery.


    However, if you're going to a private hospital, don't forget to ask for stuff, I had to ask for my breast pump, and they will bring you more ice pads (they're giant maxi pads with an ice pack built in) and they'll usually load you up with some stuff if you ask for it....but it won't be "free" ...I'm sure your insurance will be billed for I guess it's free to you...but it's not


    Incidentally, go into maternity stores and babies r us type stores...usually all those stores hand out "mommy bags" that are full of samples and products, and check online too, I got mailed probably about 30 individual diapers from different companies, and creams and breast pads and all kinds of stuff.

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