FREEBIES - Men's Fragrances?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Jock, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Jock Guest

    Is it possible to obtain free samples or free testers for any of these 'fragrance mediums'
    'After shave','Men's eau de toilette', 'Men's eau de cologne', 'Anti-prespirants' and 'Deoderants'
    If yes, where does one get them and how?


  2. monkey Guest

    i always get free one by goin to there on websites and order samples
  3. jlb Guest

    try they did have some Lacoste and Hugo on the other day if that helps but you do have to register first.
  4. sim Guest

    check out malls they give free samples...
  5. Blkoke Guest

    ask the heavily made up ladies behind the counters at any Boots!
  6. erythisis Guest

    I usually get my freebies directly from the companies. Just go to the company websites and look around a little bit. They usually have a short survey to fill out when you sign up for a sample. Then it can take up to eight weeks for some to come in, but usually I get those sort of things within two weeks.
  7. devon lass Guest

    devon lass
    Go to any big department stores (debenhams, dingles etc.), just ask at the counter & they'll give you a free sample bottle. Very small, but free!

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