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Discussion in 'Freebies' started by majic, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. majic Guest

    ...foodstuffs, toiletries and petfoods these must involve no or little cost to myself, be legal and relatively simple to achieve and accessable in the UK - addresses, telephone numbers and sensible suggestions only please - NO WEBSITES.
    (I have actually asked this question before and i'm amazed that no-one can answer it without reference to a web-site)
    sadly we don't have foodbanks in the uk - well certainly not around here anyway, we have a salvation army 'church' that gives out a free meal once a week but that's about it
    player, you haven't answered my question
    fucose_man, nowhere do i state that i own a comoputer, a pet or that i am unemployed - check the question again and note the line containing 'sensible'
  2. Player Guest

    Unfortunately everything is done on the websites in this day and age.... get with the program!
  3. Don't you have a foodbank or church nearby. There are still christians who love people and will insist that they get at least the essentials.

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