!!!Godaddy Coupon code Fraud Alert !!!Godaddy Domain Fraud !!! Is Godaddy...

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by Bill A, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Bill A Guest

    Bill A
    ...stealing your domain names ??? !!!Domain register & Domain registrar alert!!!

    Is Godaddy.com stealing Domain names from its own customers???

    Is Godaddy.com Domain name registrar Luring unsuspecting customers by massive advertisement, Godaddy.com discount coupons codes, GoDaddy promo code and coupon, godaddy superbowl ads, Godaddy girls, and other marketing ads & gimmicks etc.

    Only to scam their own customers??

    Is Goddady.com the new ENRON - soon to be exposed???

    An insiders tip here!!!

    You be the judge !!!




    or dup ( if first link does not work)


    Please re-post these links everywhere you can!!!
    It is good cause to help inform unsuspecting people !!!

    Buyer be aware !!

    What do you think??

    PS: You might see some negative "answers" to my post here from Godaddy Employees masquerading as regular people....( what a low way to earn wages!!!)
  2. Eric Guest

    No, GoDaddy is a solid DNS provider given you keep up your yearly payments of less than $10 generally.

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