GoDaddy Domain Transfers?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by imvs07, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. imvs07 Guest

    Question 1: When buying a domain does godaddy contact me by phone?

    Question 2: When transfering a domain does godaddy call me to verify?
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  3. r_77_p Guest

    Question 1: Not normally
    Question 2: This is not the practice.

    Normally when someone requests a transfer of a domain, the email listed at the registrant contact will get a message. You can edit this contact information when you buy the domain and from your control panel after you own it. On another note, if you intend on using GoDaddy, please consider my domain registrar. They provide the same services as GoDaddy at a cheaper rate. (I know the interface is not as pretty as GoDaddy, but it is the same service.)
  4. Tracy L Guest

    Tracy L
    1. Not normally
    2. Not normally

    If you need to talk to them I would suggest you call them normally they wont call you as all of it is handled from the website.

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