!!!Godaddy Fraud alert!!!Godaddy promo code Godaddy coupon 2008!!! Is Godaddy

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by Mike J, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Mike J Guest

    Mike J
    stealing YOUR Domain names??? Is Goddady.com the new ENRON - soon to be exposed???

    ( With customer fraud, lawsuits and even criminal investigations???)

    An insiders tip here!!!

    You be the judge !!!




    or dup ( if first link does not work)


    Buyer be aware!!!
    Please do a favor and post the above links to blogs, message boards. forums!!

    PS: You might see some negative or pro godaddy "answers" to my post here.

    These "answers" are actually from Godaddy Employees masquerading as regular people.(what a low way to earn a living!!! Reminds me of ENRON corrupt employees)

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