!!!Godaddy Fraud alert!!!Godaddy promo code Godaddy coupon 2008!!! Is Godaddy...

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by Mike J, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Mike J Guest

    Mike J
    ...stealing YOUR Domain names??? Is Goddady.com the new ENRON - soon to be exposed???

    ( With customer fraud, lawsuits and even criminal investigations???)

    An insiders tip here!!!

    You be the judge !!!




    or dup ( if first link does not work)


    Buyer be aware!!!
    Please do a favor and post the above links to blogs, message boards. forums!!

    PS: You might see some negative or pro godaddy "answers" to my post here.

    These "answers" are actually from Godaddy Employees masquerading as regular people.(what a low way to earn a living!!! Reminds me of ENRON corrupt employees)
  2. kckid2 Guest

    I love godaddy!

    I think your post is all about sour grapes. Or maybe you just like to like to tear down great organizations.

    Or maybe you have an agenda that depends on attacking legitimate companies.

    Be gone!
  3. Funny. Imagine godaddy hiring people to spend months on yahoo answers just in case a post about them comes up. LOL
  4. Truth2000 Guest

    Thanks for the Question! You are 100% right. I myself know many godaddy victims ...it is amazing Internic and other organization and even law enforcement is not taking notice of Godaddy.

    BTW: Do you know Godaddy pulled out of its own IPO?? ( something sounds very fishy here)

    PS: The poster above are super morons ...it is like ENRON supporters who never saw anything wrong with enron even till the bitter end...

    for others



    to have you eyes open Up !!!

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