Godaddy, Great firewall of china issue?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by Chris S, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Chris S Guest

    Chris S
    Ok here is an issue

    I have a site I hosted for a company here in Canada on the godaddy Servers. Unfortunatly In china where one of their branches are, they cant view the website because it is being blocked by china's firewall.

    Right now they have a dummy sub domain set up for arguments sake

    A) is there a simple way to make the godaddy servers re direct citizens from china to go to "" when they type in the normal

    B) any other ways?
  2. Yeah, unless they block entire domain by name or IP address, that should be possible. Your visitors should be able to reach at least the entry page of your site (i.e. before it returns any content) to get redirection to another IP.

    You'll need to subscribe to GeoIP service like MaxMind though, and enable redirection code on your front/entry page if the service tells you that request is coming from a specific country/territory.

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