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Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by jesse r, May 9, 2008.

  1. jesse r Guest

    jesse r
    Well, every time I log into go daddy I use that number they gave me. But when I use that in an FTP server, it says invalid. I'm guessing that you have to use your username then. But, I don't know how to find the username. Can someone please help?!?!

  2. dominp Guest

    That number is only to login to your Godaddy account, not your hosting account.

    Since it is possible to have multiple hosting accounts under your Godaddy account you will want to you the username/password that you put in when you set the hosting up. That is your FTP information.

    Also if you dont want to use that number to login you can also create a login name....go to your account information page and its under account security information.
  3. Fremen Guest

    Log in to your account on the godaddy website using the account number you mention. Then go to the menu item Hosting and servers. Then select My hosting account.

    This will bring up a listing of your hosting accounts. Click on your account name and to the right you will see your login id. You can also click on the link called manage account and make changes to your login password.
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