GoDaddy's "WebSiteTonight" sucked. How do I get rid of it and upload html pages?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by siegheil_neocon, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I made a mistake of picking WebSiteTonight economy option in application process on not knowing what I'm in for, only to realize that the actual program is awful.

    I read the FAQ on uploading html and image files thru FTP, tried to click on hosting and fill in details as instructed using FileZilla FTP program and it doesn't work despite domain, username & password & port # entry. I get "can not connect to server" error.

    Because I purchased the service on a Sunday the April 6th for two years (I have a plan to develop the interactive web site promoting my new yet-to-be-produced documentary feature) on, I admit, impulse, can the company cancel the service contract on my request after explaining my business mistake or am I screwed, having to be bound by the contract to keep the domain for two years -- the registered domain that cannot be transferred?

    Can I call the company to drop the crappy account and switch to hosting economy option to make my web design job easier?
    Clarification for the 2nd paragraph:

    FYI, it's been YEARS since I last had my own web site, so my knowledge of managing a web site with a domain registrar is fuzzy.
  2. youngboy1606 Guest

    I agree with Warren. I find that Godaddy is more than willing to help.

    Just switch to their economy hosting plan and forget all the other frills.

    The only dec for you is a MS server or Linux/Unix server. Make sure you know what programming lang you intend on writing your webpages in.

    If its only HTML then its not going to matter.
  3. Warren O Guest

    Warren O
    I found that out the hard way too. You have to call them and get it changed. Just tell them you want to be able to upload your own content, and they will ask you if you want a windows or unix server. You will also find that the non-website tonight packages offer more stuff, and are cheaper in price. Phone number is on the homepage of the website.

    Good luck

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