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Discussion in 'Google' started by kereta06, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. kereta06 Guest

    have anyone here this this program? I dont know much how can we get the income with this program. Could some here tell me how can we get the money with this program
  2. Google Adword is for getting traffic to your site not income.
    It is said that get traffic by Adwords and generate income.
    That means generate income only when the user which is targeted by Adword purchases your product.
    The only Job of Adword is getting traffic to your site when you pay them for that.
  3. khairil_1 Guest

    i agreed with you, but it seems as if Google AdWords is becoming more and more expensive by the day,there are some tips to manage your Adwords bid management skills.
    -use your daily budget
    -don't bid on keywords you can't afford
    -don't pay more for keywords just to get a number 1,2 or 3 ad position

    that's all from me, basically its not a income generator..:D


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