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  1. Katia Guest

    I want to start a website (and informational website) and was wondering if it's possible to actually make a substantial amount of money or if it would be a waste of my time.....

    Has anyone ever made a website and used pay per click companies like Googles Adword and actually made some money????

    I'm not expecting to make a TON, but something substantial......

    any info on this, especially from people who HAVE had success would be greatly appreciated
  2. J.A Guest

    How To People Make Money Blogging?

    The simple answer to that question is that blogs get traffic and convert it into money. Getting traffic is very possible with a blog, in fact it?s much easier to get traffic to a blog than it is to get traffic on traditional websites. Traffic is a subject that I won?t discuss here, but if you?re interested in that you can see the promoting your blog section of the site.

    Blogs can develop quite a following by people interested in the blog?s industry. Popular blogs can get thousands of hits per day. Gizmodo, Engadget, and Perez Hilton are three mega popular blogs which all get hundreds of thousands of visitors per day.

    The traffic of most blogs is converted to money through advertising. That probably sounds difficult to you if you?re new, but it?s actually really easy. The primary revenue streams of most blogs are:

    Google Adsense - Anyone can sign up for this service and it?s 100% free to use. Google will display ads on your blog and pay you when they get clicked on. This is by far the easiest way to make money with your blog. If you look closely at my pages you will find ad units labeled ?Ads by Google?.
    Yahoo! Publishing - Yahoo?s version of Adsense. Yahoo?s version is also free to use.
    Contextual Ads - These are ads that are displayed throughout the text of your blog. If you look closely through my pages you will see links that are double underlined. These are actually ads and if you hover over them, a little ad-box will pop up. The contextual ad company will pay for clicks on the links or the ad-box.
    Intelitxt - The first major company to offer this type of advertising. It?s quite difficult to get an account with them unless you have over 500,000 hits per month.
    Kontera - Another player in the contextual ad game. Kontera is easier to sign up for when you?re still small.
    Affiliate Programs - Many bloggers sell products and services for other sites and receive appropriate commissions. There are tons of sites out there that offer free, affiliate programs including:
    Text Links - Bloggers can sell links from there pages to other websites. Most bloggers that use this kind of revenue stream use a company called Their service is free to use and their company will sell the ads for you. The sites that purchase them pay monthly, and you get paid monthly.
    Direct Sales - Some bloggers sell their own products and services.
    How Much Can A Person Make Blogging?

    That?s really tough question to answer. Some blogs create $500,000 per year and some make $0. The amount a person can make with a blog depend on a lot of factors including:

    Blogger?s Knowledge and Experience
    Quality and Quantity of Blog?s Information
    Luck (This isn?t a joke but it is of course possible to create luck.)
    I think that it?s very possible to create an income in the high five and even six figures for individuals that posses the right talent and determination. If you are thinking about becoming a blogger, you should visit this article: Making Money Online - Is This Business For You?

    In my opinion, blogging is the easiest of all the methods of making money online, at least for beginners. It is also a stepping stone for those wishing to move onto more difficult online, money-making methods. If you?re interested in starting a blog, you should read this: 5263 Words On Starting A Profitable Blog.

    If you would like to learn more about blogging and making money online, subscribe to my full feed RSS. My RSS feed is updated daily.

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